Antoine Watts
burn universal Truth (b.u.T)
Peace Love,

First off, allow me to say thanks to the Creator of all things for creating this magical moment to occur in our lives hopefully we can take the reigns and make it something more.  Second, thank you for blessing me with your time and your attention. 

My name is Antoine Watts, but my close friends call me "Toine". Hopefully one day you whoever you may be can know me as much, much more.  I'm 41 years of age and I stand at 5'7, weighing in at about 175 lbs of muscle  pure American muscle, that is.  I'm not sure what that measurement would be in stones, but one day maybe we can find out :). 

To describe myself in a few words, I'd say I'm an athletic, energetic, mature young man, searching for my future.  Like I'm sure anyone would, I've looked in all the wrong places and truly feel the time has come to let someone seek me.

I have high hopes for the future and I'm looking for someone I can grow and learn with.  All I need is for that someone to reveal herself to me, and after that I'll show and prove to her that I'm everything she has ever dreamed and hoped for. To be completely honest, I miss her already.

Peace, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Antoine Watts # 421578
Allen Correctional Center
3751 Lauderdale Woodyard Road
Kinder, LA 70648 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
N/A Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 04-19-18
Ad Expiration:04-19-19