Wesley Coleman

I'm hoping to meet some new friends from all over and learn about so many different cultures, lifestyles and perspectives as possible including yours. That's why I posted this profile, I'm a passionate guy looking to grow with friends. My hobbies are: reading, watching TV and writing letters, poems, stories.

I'm searching for a meaningful and lasting friendship. I want to thank those who thankfully has showed up supporting me on legal do's. Thank you. I'm at a new spot. I am now just settling in somewhere else, ordering groceries. We have video visits here I don't know if they will open up for us! Interesting conversation, Covid cannot be 100% past by any mail. It lives in liquids on the surface. Researchers say it can be otherwise transmitted too. Contributed by S. Johnson and others in New York weekly paper. So do not lick the seal of envelopes. I ain't, so we good. I got tested Covid 19 negative. Here's a lovely wink.

I like to get my game on. I know how to play Xbox and PS. I use to challenge my girlfriend. Yeah I love poker on ESPN, listen to music on the radio, 96 hits. I like the artist unknown girl named who feat, Morgan Wallen. So heartless. The man surfeses. Song feeling good. I'm working in so many directions collaborating. Got used to it, I'm searching for my queen. Just don't know if this time we catch each other and talk. I love phoning. It's exquisite, spontaneous, passionate, wholesome and a visual delight, right.

I want to give you the universe. My girl. Right now my girl. Popstar to the watts. Who do you think is going to win the NFL, NBA, championship! I want to also say happy holidays this year and Halloween yes might buy some pictures! Sending me you: a card and a short message! I'm not a man that lies, cheat or has a secret fetish. If you are with a man that cheats, lies and hurt your feelings then holla at me. Sneak me a letter, pop letters like bobbles. Enjoy yourself. I don't like liars either. I don't plan on staying on the pen pal site for the rest of my life but help make the connections. So friends, see you around: later.
Wesley Coleman # 418376 
P O Box 2000 
Wartburg, TN 37887 USA

Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Black American
Baptist Christian
1st Degree Murder
2078 Serving a Life Sentence
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