Jeremiah Manning
Hello World,
I hope life is being good to you. I find myself wanting to try-out this pen pal adventure and wondering if someone would like to explode a new friendship with me. I’m not looking for romantic entanglements, just genuine friendship.

Have you ever had a moment in your life wishing you had a true friend? You know someone you could talk with openly and about anything, without fear of judgment or rejection? If you can relate to this, hopefully, you will take the time to write me because that's what I’m looking for:  Real friendship.

I was 19 when incarcerated and after two decades it would be nice to have a true friend. You will learn that all this time has not turned me bitter and in fact I’m a fun-loving, positive guy to know. I’m self-educated and always optimistic.

If you feel awkward in trying to write that first letter, its okay, just be yourself. I’m easy-going, have no expectations, an will accept you just the way you are. I’m open-minded, non- judfmemal, who cares about others and am willing to share my life story.

So tell me about yourself; what you find enjoyable; any hobbies or interests you have; your favorite color, movie, book, food, music, etc.; anything you wish to share. It’s my hope to add happiness into your daily life.

Write soon! Or send me an email thru and don’t forget to include your address so I can respond.

Jeremiah Manning  # 410882
Louisiana State Prison
17544 Tunica Trace
Angola   LA   70712  USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
1st Degree Murder
Death Row
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Ad Expiration:  06-08-2024