Dezmond Robinson

My name is  Dezmond, but everyone calls me  "Mutt". I am 23 years old, currently serving a 7 year bid for robbery & assault 1st. I've currently been down 4 1/2 & can't wait to be free & turn my life around. I've been counted out for so long I want to prove to the world & most importantly, myself that one bad choice doesn't define me.

I'm 6 feet, 220 lbs., With an athletic build. I got dreads, that I take very good care of (me nuh nah duty bway). I've been growing them for almost 6 years.

I'm really looking for someone to build with, on an intellectual level. Someone who can help me stay away from depression & keep me goal orientated. Someone who has fought through the mud & refuses to give up when they finally reached the basement.

What are your goals?
What are your dreams?
What do you enjoy more than anything else in the world?
What's 1 thing you can't live without?

I dream to be a published poet. I'm focusing on learning sign language & improving my tattoo skills. I love music more than anything in this world. From Rock & Roll to Rap. From the 60s to now. Music is my life (I just can't stand country music. LMAO).

I would love to hear from you & learn about more than just the minor things in life. Anything you want to know about me just ask. I'm an open book.
Dezmond Robinson  # 409341
Garner Correctional Institution
50 Nunnawauk Road  
Newtown, CT 06470 USA
African American Jamaican Barbadian
Robbery 1st Assault 1st
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-14-20
Ad Expiration:05-14-21