Brian Hare
Brian Hare # 406275 / 3024674
Patuxent Institution
7555 Waterloo Road
Jessup   MD   20794   USA
Hi,my name is Brian.  I’m 33 years old, from Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up right outside of it. I’m 6’2 about 215 lbs. & yes I’m very much tatted up.  Both arms are sleeved out along with my hands and fingers.  My chest, stomach, both my legs and yes even my feet, among the other places, LOL  As of right now I’m currently working on my head and face. I’m also a tattoo artist. I like to read, write in my book, work out & just learn about whatever. I listen to heavy metal but love listening to Insane Clown Posse.   I’m a Juggalo & love anything that has to do with clowns.

Horror movies are what I like to watch, but, you know sometimes I’ll sit & watch a girly flick with you.  Never know, I might like it. LOL  My favorite colors are blue & green. So basically I'm looking for somebody to take my mind off of this time I have.  I do have a life sentence.  So I’m looking for you to take my mind out of this prison crap and off this time.  I’m really not looking for a relationship however if the Goddess Freya wills it, then she knows best. “Freya the Goddess of Love”. So if you like what you hear & want to get to know me, then drop me a few lines.  For those who don’t like what you read, well thank you for checking out my page anyway.  It doesn’t matter on race or your religion or age.  I’ll write to anybody.

Thank you for your time.

Brian Hare

Ad Start: 12-02-21
Ad Expiration:  12-02-22
1st Degree Murder, Attempted 1st Degree Murder
Release Date
50 Years