Jason Rue

What's up world! How are you, I don't know how many profiles you look through before you got to mind, but hopefully I'm your last stop.

My name is Jason, I'm 36 years young, I'm very down to earth, fun, educated and looking for some interesting people to write. I'm a very outgoing person, I give my all and everything I do. I love to laugh, I'm not judgmental nor negative, I'm always understanding and a great listener.

One thing you will learn about me is I catch on quick and I try to do the best at what ever I do. I love all types of music, arts, food, traveling, animals and communication; I'm all for learning something new so if you're willing to teach I'm willing to listen.

More about me, I'm from Trenton, New Jersey born and raised. I am good with my hands, I am knowledgeable in plumbing, electrical, drywall, Masonary, carpentry, dog training, driving trucks and raising kids.

I'm 5'10", 189 lbs., brn eyes, blk hair, all white teeth, 3 tattoos, I don't smoke, do drugs or have health issues. I AM COMPLETELY DRAMA FREE!

I hope you are that friend that can be fun, charismatic and carefree. I am a big Cowboys fan! I am able to get emails through the jpay app and it's a faster reply.

In closing I would like to leave you with a quote I wrote:
"Keep your mind, your heart and your principles where they need to be so you don't allow yourself to suffer the harsh realities of life."

I hope to hear from you soon… Truly yours Jason

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