Caleb Hall
My name is Caleb. 

I am trying this site to see if there is someone who sees this that I can communicate with. I am a prisoner at a prison in  Cheshire Connecticut. I was finishing my time for violating my parole. Before I finished my time, the police served me a new warrant. The warrant was for robbery in the 2nd degree. I did not commit robbery, so I brought it to the trial. I lost trial, the jury found me guilty. I have all my paperwork to prove my innocence. I'm still fighting the conviction, but doing so is a process. I was sentenced to seven years, no parole, no probation.

All my past crimes I confessed to. I was young, dumb, and foolish. I have made many mistakes that I am open about. I grew up in the streets, and thought it was cool to fit in. The only drug I have used is weed. I pass the time in here by reading, working out, and learning Spanish . I'm improving myself on many levels. All my days in here consist of working to be a better man.

I have no kids right now, but want my nephews and goddaughter to see me as an example. My goals when I am released coexist with being that next success story. I have the drive, and the fate. I strive to be different.

At times I get this lonely feeling, which is why I decided to join this site. I want to see if there someone who sees this that I can communicate with while we get to know one another. I do not discriminate. If you would like to know more or anything please feel free to reach out.

Caleb Hall # 400095
Cheshire Correctional Institution
900 HIghland Avenue  
Cheshire, CT 06410 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Robbery 2nd
Release Date
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Ad Expiration:01-23-21