Syr Adrian Rumsey
There are many things in this world to be thankful for. What I am most thankful for right now is YOU!  You are a special kind of person who understands the value of meeting someone first and making a connection. I share that same belief. So imagine what else we might have in common. I am loyal, understanding and I listen compassionately. I am caring and right now I'm focused on my education and enjoy learning from everyone. I'm just really starting education so I haven't decided on a career but I'm striving to continue learning. if you are  thriving for success, outspoken, pushing and inspiring friends to do better as a  motivator. That's what I'm looking for someone to share words and encouragement with.

Here is one important fact I'd like for you to know. I am a very loyal person. The reason I say it's an important fact is because if there isn't no 100% loyalty in any type of relationship. It will never last long-term.  That being said to you, you will learn I would give you last of anything so you never go out. This is how I've always been and it is sometimes a struggle to know if I can  find other people to be on the same vibe in life. So let's see where we go in life, whether being close friends or something more. My goal is not to just find you as a temporary fix while I'm incarcerated. My goal while I'm incarcerated is to find either close friends or something greater.

So I ask you to give me the full-term loyalty, time, honesty and well all of you. I give you my word that I live by to give you everything you ask for. My word is my bond. If I never had my word I wouldn't have nothing to give at all. Don't be scared to ask anything personal. I am 100% truthful and honest. I'll never do you wrong or lie to you. It's a part of being loyal. I ask to give me a chance and I won't let you down!

Here are a few things I'd like you to know. I was born and raised in Washington State. I am almost half blooded Native American as well as Norwegian and Irish. I am an enrolled Muckleshoot Indian Tribal Member. Yes I do receive tribal checks but if you feel you'd like to help with anything I'll never deny it. But don't think I came on here for that purpose it's not.

I will be 32 years old on Dec 6th. I don't have a religion I follow but I am open-minded to everything. I do believe in astrology. I'm a full Sagittarius. I am very open-minded with  anything you can think of. Don't be scared to ask. I have colored eyes, thick curly hair, can grow a beard and have quite a few tattoos. I love any women with many piercings and tattoos. It really shows in my eyes a story of great passions in life. What I am really looking for in a friend is to truly understand who I am. I have many things to say. It's hard to find who can truly know without trying. I have no kids and I don't know just yet.

The last detail I want you to know is this. I've never been close or dated other females of other races except Native Americans. I know it's difficult to hear and I am very open to everything new that is a blessing that comes into my life.

Thank you for your time. It means so much to me to make a connection with you. There is three ways to communicate.

Snail Mail
Securus Mobile App.
Talking on the phone.  I am down with whatever is convenient for you
Always Forever-Syr Adrian Rumsey 397845.

Syr Adrian Rumsey # 397845
Airway Heights Correctional Center
P O Box 2049
Airway Heights   WA   99001   USA

Ad Start: 11-16-2023
Ad Expiration: 12-16-2024
Native American
Rape of Child 1st Degree
Release Date
12/27/2024 Indeterminate