Jared Dishon
Hello, my name is Jared. 

Before I became separated from my friends and family, my entire outlook on life was shaped by a longing for adventure and experiences that were as meaningful as they were exciting. But a tragic accident interrupted what were supposed to be the most thrilling times of all, and I find myself reflecting on what could have been instead of living in the moment like any 21 year old should. That being said, I refuse to let regret dictate my path moving forward, even if I am in a desolate place.

Here I am reminded that the darkest nights reveal the most stars. I am trading time for perspective, because I can now appreciate the little things I used to take for granted, like great food in the presence of grand company. Unfortunately, neither of these are easily found in here. This is where you come into the picture, opening a door way to both the outside and the thrill of meeting someone new.

At this point you must be brimming with intrigue! If not, then I'll start over.

Hello, my name is Jared. I was born and raised in the backwoods of Washington. As an outlet for my quest for adrenaline, I became a skydiving coach. Plummeting through the air was how I found freedom. You could say that this search is an alternate way of finding liberty. Please join me. I am passionate about expanding my horizons, especially by interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Sometimes I feel is if I am involved in an experience on human nature. Jokingly, I think "should I be taking notes?" Again, please join me. You can either write a letter or email me (go to Jpay.com and enter my name and DOC #). I am awaiting your response!
Jared Dishon # 397218
Olympic Correctional Center
11235 HOH Mainline
Forks, WA 98331 USA

Vehicle Homicide
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