Hosam Maher Husein Smadi

Greeting to the oppressed world from the land of just US :)

I am a (POW) international political prisoner of war & conscience, who was framed in the '2009' FBI (stink) sting operation bomb plot to blow up Downtown Dallas Texas, after been psychologically coerced to give my allegiance to Al-Qaeda Islamic army leader Osama Bin Laden.

Originally, I was an active freelance journalist and lethal cyber hactivist inside Arab & Muslim circles voicing my opposition toward the barbaric aggressions, crimes, and atrocities, committed by the imperialist colonial forces & astray criminal hordes of the United States & Israeli Zionist occupation in the Middle east. I was mainly targeted after exposing their war crimes and massacres by spreading the horrific pictures of dead women, children, and civilians, who were inhumanely burned & brutally murdered using nothing except the illegal internationally banned weapons of white phosphorous & radioactive munitions.

Currently, I am being held in one of America's Gulags maximum security prisons, inside a Counterterrorism unit known as the (CMUs), which was called "Guantanamo North" in a documentary made by the History channel. I'm a very open minded person who loves to have an intellectual dialogue and friendly discussion in regard to the current American aggressions against Arabs and Muslims around the globe, and to address the geopolitical, economics, and religious situation of the Middle East and the world.

I am an athletic, mature, and responsible independent individual, who's modern and cosmopolitan intuitive personality allows me to be very active with the internet, technology and social media. I really enjoys different types of entertainment, movies, music and Tv shows. My hobbies are many besides writing, reading, and playing some sports. I love gardening, running, cooking and working out. My favorite literary and intellectual subjects are many besides technology, biology and history. I like science, religion, medicine, and psychology.

I really love to meet new people and friends from different places and cultures all around the world, I'm also interested in meeting a new serious special friend and partner from Europe. If you'll be interested then write to me directly, and send me your name, address, and information, so we can talk further more.

Also..., Don't forget to check out my blog on the following link:
---> ((" https://www.PrisonInmates.com/Profile/HosamAl-Smadi39482-177  "))..

Until then, Be Safe with My Best Regards, :)

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