Paul Montecino
Do you ever lay awake with one foot firmly planted in the reality of what is, whilst  the other roams whatever realms you choose?  Where loneliness wears a face and together you conquer whatever dares to challenge peace of mind?  Have you ever embraced your solitude so tightly within that it has become your only friend?

One person's dreams are merely another's reality; hence, I believe anything is possible.  I know fate can appear fickle, but since I perceive in a higher power, I feel as though there is a greater purpose at work and in time the deeper meaning will reveal itself.  My benevolent spirit seeks to transcend its limitations and connect with a higher purpose.

I enjoy exchanging different ideas, perspectives and ultimately, more enlightened ways of living.   Since angels wear disguises, I look inside people foremost.  Although I tenaciously embrace understanding, I defiantly avoid superficial relations, hence more often  than not, I find myself alone.  Even though I read medieval fantasy novels, my ideals of comradeship and high standards of integrity are very realistic.  I perceive loyal friendship as the truest force, which empowers and compels the rivers of aspirations, hopes and dreams to feely flow forth.

The most significant value of memories is in the sharing of them and the adventure of making new ones priceless.  So like a spark in the darkness, let's shine light each others way and create a positive, invigorating difference towards experiencing life in a synchronized style dreams are made of.
Paul Montecino # 394305
Louisiana State Prison
17544 Tunica Trace
Angola, LA 70712 USA
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