Michael Day Moreau
Michael Day Moreau # 39382   
P O Box 900 
Tecumseh, NE 68450 USA
I do have email access through JPay.  I look forward to knowing you.

Are you looking for a friendship that is genuine and caring?  So am I. Wouldn't it be great if we could be each other's friend?  I'd really like a romantic friendship if that's how it works out, but the reality is in my situation I can't offer you much.  Still, if you decide to take a chance on me, you can expect caring emotional support and respect at the very least.

My interests are sports, art, music (all genres) and learning new things. I have very little family in the U.S.  Most of my family live in England and Jamaica. I get one or two visits a year.  So someone who can stay in touch often would be really nice.

I'm more interested in who you are than what you are. And a photo would be nice to show me what you look like.  To know if you are beautiful where it counts on the inside, we'll have to communicate with each other.

If you are looking for a genuine friendship give me a try.  I could turn out to be your best friend – I'd like that! 
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