Marcus Makulski

The truth is all I can offer. Reaching out to the world. What can I offer but the truth? 

I come from a place where everything is a lie. Rehabilitation is a lie. Justice is a lie. Most loyalty is a lie. So here where I live, my truth is my value. Here where I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. My truth is my currency. The reality you believe this place to be may not be real.

The journey my life has been may be something you can't understand. But see my world from my eyes. Living my truth is a chance I'm willing to take. It's important to me to be recognized who I truly am. To be represented by the facts of my journey. Society has told you how to feel about us. Some of what they say is true, a lot of what they say is false. I speak not only for me. I speak for the countless others who will never get a chance to have their voice heard.

Something as small as one good friend can change the direction of somebody's life. We grew up with no real. structure. Our home foundation consist of group homes or broken homes. Responsibility to us is thinking how am I going to eat today? What could I say to make you believe my reality? What could I do to prove that I'm worth your time? Right at this moment you're reading my words. But do you believe? Do you believe I'm in my cell right now and I believe I have a responsibility to save my people of struggle. Do you believe that I refuse to give up hope? Do you believe that I don't even know you but I will sacrifice for you just because that's what I am about. That's the code I live by. Just to belong. Just to be heard we do things that friends you had all your life would'nt do. But they don't tell you about that when they tell you about us. See the story of struggle has so much depth. It can create a change. You can inspire history changing  events. That's why they try and suppress our truth. Keep us isolated. We have stories that can change the world. People like us who came from nothing. We have no family name. We have no family. Nobody taught us. Yet we woke up one day and believe that we can change. I believe I was more than what they told me all my life. My heart told me that I owed this struggle my truth. My truth is my currency. My words are the way to a new life. A journey starts from darkness, and ends with redemption…

If you write me please put your address on the letter too. Michigan does not allow us have incoming envelope so without the address on the letter I won't be able to respond. If you write on also leave an address. I can receive jpay but I can't respond.

God Bless.

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