Jasper Phillips

I've been incarcerated since 1998, and without a little help, I could remain here until 2053. I am not innocent, but neither am I a danger. When I committed my crimes, I was an uneducated, and inexperienced, unfocused and reckless child, involved with drugs & stealing, and my life was in a downward spiral that was increasing with intensity every day.

Nearly two decades of prison has given me some perspective, and opportunity to better myself. Over the years I have attended, completed and excelled in every group, class and educational opportunity I have been eligible for in prison, up to and including some college credit. It seems I do very well in an academic setting. With the progress I've made over the years, furthering my education and finding a little support, I simply have no incentives to return to criminal activity.

My behavior, attitude and general outlook on life are always improving, and with the increase in responsibility and opportunity to be educated and productive that release from prison would bring. I could prove to myself, my family and everyone else that my substantial time spent in prison has not been wasted.
Upon my eventually release, I plan to remove my tattoos, further my education, and reach out to others who might be at risk of going to prison, counsel them, and help them to learn from my mistakes.

I have been researching appeals, sentence review, parole plans, and even executive clemency, and I appear to be an ideal candidate for all of these options, but without the resources, they are all out of my reach.

If you are interested in helping, writing, or learning more, then reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading my profile.
Jasper Phillips  # 38255  
Montana State Prison/CCA
50 Crossroads Drive
Shelby, MT 59474 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Conspiracy, Robbery, Theft, Assault, Escape
As Late as 12/2053
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