Larry Jackson

Educated black man who is kind, compassionate, caring and down to earth. I have made wrong choices in my life. I have changed wrong choices to right decisions.

I am in search of some pen pals that are good in conversation in many different topics. I am open when it comes to many different topics of choice to engage in with another person.

Seeks/letters/photo exchange with like-minded people who are not prejudge mental.

Looks, age, race is unimportant to me.

The most of my adult life is learning about people and places coming to know them as well as I can. I never lose the desire to know people better. I have a remarkable capacity from delight. Life all its adventures in many interests thrill me as much in my delete year as it did in my childhood. It is the main source of my charm, which anyone who knows me, can assure you them is abundance.

My sense of humor is factual us, and it become in your company yours.

I am considered a very intelligent and with the qualities, values, morals, etc. I suppose you could consider me traditional in nature with a twist of adventure, challenge and excitement.

Just to be fair, here is a menu of my interest: I like people, animals, computers, board games, flea markets, adventures, crossword puzzles, photography, sports, camping, music, history, literature, astrology and traveling.

In spite of my sentence, life goes on. The sun that shines on the outside, also shines on the inside. I make every effort to surround myself with those free world who help enrich the quality of my life even under these circumstances. I'm eligible for parole release 10/19/18. You won't be disappointed. I take friendship very seriously.

Write me-will reply to all.
Larry Jackson # 38010
South Central Correctional Center

255 West HIghway # 32
Licking, MO 65542 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
10/23/19 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 02/08/18
Ad Expiration:02/08/19