Mike Murphy
Howdy world! 

Mad doggie seeking bouncy babe for fun and inspiration!

27 years ago the judge said I was..." A mad dog. A threat to the very fabric of society." Personally I think I'm a nice guy who plays well with others despite some issues in my youth that I've dealt with. So it's up to you am I worth getting to know? I hope you think so.

I'm 55 with one family member left. I'd like to meet some free people to communicate with. Someone intelligent and able to express themselves on paper. I never got into the prison gay scene so prefer female. I'd also respond to a psych student or crime victim looking for insights, even if they are a bit hostile. I find women with issues are generally more interesting.

Please no religious fanatics, or drug addicts or short note writers. Other than that I'm pretty open. I've been incarcerated for decades so I'm somewhat twisted and politically incorrect but I'm low-maintenance and chatty. I'll be open and honest if you are. Overseas welcome and a cam girl would be cool.

I support myself with Native American beadwork. I'm very skilled. I'm into reading and modern hard rock music. I love dogs, rockhounding, gemstones, jewelry fabrication and good food too. The D/S/S/M scene looks interesting too. I wouldn't know.

If you share interests drop me a line.

We have Jpay but handwritten letters are nice too. Here are two pics of me. I'm not a pretty boy but try to stay in shape. Send me a pic of you so I can see who I'm writing. I'll answer all send more than a note.

Have an excellent day. Thanks for your timeā€¦ Now write.

Mad Dog Murphy
Mike Murphy  # 37877
P O Box 70010  
Boise, ID 83707 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
Caucasian, Native American
Robbery Rape
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence Parole Eligible 2032/Life Tale
Ad Start: 05-23-19
Ad Expiration:05-23-20