James Pena
James Pena # 378668    
Walker Correctional Institution 
1153 East Street South 
Suffield, CT 06080 USA
Hey, my name is James.

I'm currently disputing a bunch of charges in a bunch of lies, I'm also down for a gun, VOP and assault on an officer.

If you're smart, with a sense of humor who understands life and that sometimes you get the short end of the stick. Also no matter the situation there sometimes positive that could be gained, holla at me.

Even at the face of adversity, the truth should prevail. I want us to know a lot about each other. I was always told that God won't put you through a situation you can't handle.

I'm outgoing and always keep it 100 at all times. My mind is on a different level, and I say to not judge a book by its cover. Let our minds battle, our words intertwine and once time takes its toll the truth will flow.

I swear the start of something amazing would manifest and a friendship would form. A bond will be created.

Real Reconize Real so holla.
African American, Hispanic
Gun Assault on Officer,VOP The Rest of My Charges Will Be Dismiss
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