Marcus Rogers
Reading eyes, 

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my page. My name is Marcus I was born and raised in California (Los Angeles) (San Diego) but I've also lived in Buffalo, New Orleans, Biloxi, and here in Wisconsin..

I've been married and divorced once, I have no children, and I'm currently single. I've spent most of my life be a "Bad Boy"… I've been in gangs, involved in crime, violence, and was heavily engaged in drug trafficking. My life has been like a movie with all the cars, women, drugs, money, jewelry, etc. However, capture, jail, conviction, prison also comes with the movies and here I sit.

I won't lie to you. I had some good times and seemed/had a lot of beautiful things. In the same breath, I experienced many horrible things, and I find shame in myself for being a part of an underworld that has created so much heartache in society.

With all the money and material possessions I… It's all gone. I don't get mail, use the phone much, never been on a visit and it says if I existed to know one. Out of sight out of mind as they call it. The hurt of having nothing and no one has impacted me more than having everything and everyone so I'm committed to change a lot about my life.

I'm posting this ad to take a chance and meet people willing to invite me into their lives in hopes to see another way of life. I need "positive" friendships, feedback, and interaction in my life. I desire contact outside of these walls for people who want to see change in me and will encourage that rather than pull me into negativity.

I'm not looking for money, gifts, to sail dreams or play mind games. I desire genuine friendship and that has no age, race, size, sexual orientation, social or economic standings. It only takes an open mind, faithful spirit, loyal approach, and a concern to see someone you call a "friend" succeed. If that is you… Please write me this very moment.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish nothing but peace to your household, joy in your heart, and success with each waking day.


P.S. Hey, if you read this far you might as well write me (LOL). Can't wait to hear from "You".


Marcus Rogers # 377571
P O Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307 USA
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