Daniel Shaw # 37171-013
F C I Herlong
P O Box 800
Herlong   CA   96113   USA
Daniel Shaw
My name is Daniel Wade Shaw. I am currently incarcerated at Federal Correctional Institute Herlong, in Herlong, CA. I'm doing a 9-yr. sentence for ”bank  robbery” and “carjacking”. I'm 33 yrs old, I was born in 1989,LOL. The last of the 80’s babies 😉.

I'm 5’5” and I weigh about 170.  This is the first time I've used one of these sites and I'm excited to see what kind of responses I will get. I am currently very single, LOL.  But I am serious in looking for a long-term partner in life.

I've been in a few relationships in the past and they just didn't really work out. I'm getting older and honestly I'm tired of always being in trouble and going in and out of jail or prison.

I'm looking for somebody who I can talk to about things and laugh with and just be myself around them. Somebody who I can say is on “my team”,  a partner, somebody who I can be happy with and have a good time.

I guess you can say that I'm outgoing and social. I'm not very shy at all, LOL. I don't know if that's good or bad. So shoot me a letter and let's get to know each.

P.S.  Everybody calls me “Danny Boy” LOL.

You can Google me, they called me the “Flat billed bandant” on the news. Haha, not my brightest of moments, but hey, we all make mistakes.
Danny Boy

P.S. I’m from and going back to Denver, CO.  My current release date is Dec. 2028.

Ad Start: 01-12-2023
Ad Expiration:  01-12-2024
Bank Robbery
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