Joseph Wills

What I will ask maybe a challenge for you, but if from the time you read this, and you awake I ask for the blessing to get to know you.
As for me, I'm not looking for a seasonal relationship no matter the status. I"m looking for the woman not just a woman. I'm experienced the pain of a broken heart and don't want to give it nor get it again. I am ready to love. I also love to cater to a woman, cook, pray with and take care of the family; show you true love not only from me, but from God.
I know Jesus, who I am, where I came from, and where I am going. Currently, I am a Co-leader in a mimistry and run a program teaching younger men. I'm also a gospel artist, poet, sexologist, and studying massage therapist.
For a little while I can't be there physicall, but I can be there emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Many men are unable to love in multifaced ways, but I desire to love you from the inside out. I'll be there when times get  rough and when your feeling down. I desire to know you from the inside out. I want to know your favorite color, tv show, food, and the things that make you sad, mad, and happy. I'm one who won't forget your birthday, and won't mis the children's games or school plays. I am just a man who loves to love with every part of me.
I am: much more than what you will read, I love to cook, clean, and care for a woman. Who will never let go of your heart. A man who hates to argue. A man who will always protect you. Who is not afraid to show a woman how much I love her. A Son of God, a teacher, a poet, gospel raper, massage therapist, sexologist (4 year teacher), romantic, responsible, hard worker, love movies, family man, love children, likes to write, loyal, risk taker, patient, good with fixing things. I aim to know a woman for who she really is. A man who loves 1st from his spirit & soul, then body last, who has never been married, a great listener.
In high shcool:
I ran track & field (still run), A C/Lt. colonel in JROTC operatons officer, awarded by the chairman of the joint chef of staff in 2008 as one of the top 50 cadets in Maryland. Physical training awarded 5 times, along with 32 other awards, color guard award. funeral honor guard, best in my class in Biology. Graduated with A 3.75 GPA from Largo HS Md.

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