Angela Roy aka Dallas
My name is Angela Roy-Aka Dallas.

I am a white female born 08-15-1981 (Leo :). I weigh about 150 lbs., Stand about 5'2" short (or fun size!) I have a gentle and caring spirit with an amazing sense of humor. I love to laugh so I enjoy being around people who can make me laugh.

I'm a true country girl born and raised in mobile, AL-but will travel-and I love the great outdoors. For fun I like to swim, fish, hike, horse ride, boat ride, 4-wheeler trails, nature trails, backyard Bar-B-Ques, listening to some good ole country music-maybe a little rock or some R&B music.

I've never been a big party person but I do like to have a few friends to enjoy a little down time.

I'm here on and aiding/abetting charge that I got blamed for but am fighting my appeal and know that when I get back to court God is going to show up and show out and my sentence will be overturned so my expected release date is not real clear yet. But while I am here I would like to find some good friends who can help me continue to smile. It gets real lonely in here so it would be great to have someone I could call on. I don't know yet where I will go when I am released as I have no one out there so I'm just searching for friend now. I can get visits, mail, email and video visits at this prison. The email is set up through corrlinks. And the mail is a bit strict so please only send white envelopes and regular white paper-no stickers, glitter, glue, perfumes, no more than 25 photos (not a vulgar), and nothing else can come, except books, etc.-no greeting cards! And when you write my address on the emvelpope it must say federal correctional Institute.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Angela Roy aka Dallas #  36906-034
P O Box 4000  
Aliceville, AL 35442  USA
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Aiding & Abetting
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-25-19
Ad Expiration:07-25-20