Isaiah Greene
My name is Isaiah Greene aka Zay. Zay is for the street name of mime bythe way.

By the way I'm 29 years old. My birthday is 12-4-89. I'm single, no kids. I'm from Newark, NJ born and raised.

I'm looking for a person open-minded who will not judge me for who I am and my crime. I've been found guilty of carjacking, kidnapping and robbery. I've been locked up since 12-11-11 and I still have my family support of me because they know I was innocent. But that's old. I am on to a new chapter.

By the way I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and nieces and nephews. I'm a fun guy when you get to know me. I like sports. I'm a Dallas Cowboys/LA Laker fan. I like to have fun and I'm working on my GED now I have a rough life style. I turned my life over to Christ. I have been saved for 18 months now taking it day by day and I am in a rough place right now putting my trust in Jesus.

Oh yeah by the way I'm brown skin, brown eyes, 5'11" and I am looking for a nice lady with an open mind in an open heart. And I will not judge you if you have children because I know it's hard out there. I know someone needs somebody to talk to. I want someone to start this new chapter with. I don't care if you are older. I need someone that knows where I am coming from and a person who doesn't play games and I don't know when I'm coming home but I put my faith in God. But only God judges me! Amen!

I'm just writing this letter to email me jpay it's one stamp to write. My SBI # is 368908-D

I would like to see who is out there for me. I hope to hear from anyone soon. Amen

Isaiah Greene
Isaiah Greene # 368908D
Lockbag R  
Rahway, NJ 07065 USA
Friends, Legal Help
African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-26-19
Ad Expiration:09-26-20