David Baer
David Baer # 3665881
Roxbury Correctional Institution 458033
18701 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown   MD   21746   USA
My name is Dave.  I’ve been incarcerated since March of 2017.  My pictures are of me at work before I started using, what has brought me where I am today.   I don’t look much different now though I have a lot more tattoos (no face tats).

I play guitar, sing and write music.  I’ve been doing so since I was young, however I’ve gotten a lot better since I’ve found this desolate place, Uptown I’m a free expert and have a CDL as well.

A bit of side info about me, you may find interesting.  I was adopted at 7 into the Baer family.  I am what one might call an adrenaline junky I love tropical places Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to be exact & would one day like to own a home there.

Upon release, I have big plans of starting my own tree company Baer it All Tree and Services LLC.  I’m hard on myself here so I can survive my return home.  I don’t have any more chances in life.  I’m seeking friends.  I’m down to earth and real, looking for someone to chat with.  Maybe I can help you in some way!  I have a good heart & I’m a good person, addiction has just gotten the best of me.

Thanks for looking at my profile.  Maybe I’ll hear from you!  You can write me.

David Baer #3665881

Ad Start: 09-16-21
Ad Expiration:  09-16-22
Burglary 1st Degree
Release Date