Mau Joeseph Tafia

Hello, my name is Mau Joeseph Satele Tafia,

Creating an impression that connects as genuine while building momentum for further encounters is the most challenging obstacle when meeting someone new. This type of introduction adds yet another element of difficulty by omitting perhaps my most endearing qualities, such as an infectious laugh, gregarious nature and self-confidence. Had we sat down for a cup of coffee, a sense of familiarity would have blossomed within minutes of casual conversation. Unfortunately, subtleties found in my inviting smile and earnest manner of speech cannot be mimicked in written form. Nevertheless, my sincere desire for companionship compels me to reach out for someone also seeing a genuine friendship. Please continue reading if you're inclined to reach back...

Now that our acquaintance has officially begun, feel free to call me Jody, a nickname reserved for friends and family. At the beginning of this journey into exile, and abundance of loved ones made bearable the alternate of prison. Their support arrived through mail and occasional visits, their presence offering compassion and hope that one day I would be able to gather up the pieces of my shattered life and transform them into a work of art. But as the years mounted, my circle of care has dissipated, the effect of which draws one to doubt instead of hope.

Having someone with whom to share the burdens or joys of the day validates our existence, adding a profound sense of meaning to life. This begs the question: What can I possibly offer a pen pal? For starters, I do not sit around watching the calendar to pass the time, instead, I engage my mind, body and spirit with limited tools at my disposal.

Recently, I was transferred to the HOH Rainforest. Surrounded by untamed wilderness, I long to travel to places I've only read about, or to share what I've read in a letter. So here I sit, searching for a companion to whom, like me, writing seems a lost art. My pen stands at the ready (or thumbs for those wishing to exchange emails) contact me at!
Mau Joeseph Tafia # 365153 Olympic Correctional Center
11235 Hoh Mainline
Forks,WA 98331 USA
CRobbery 1 Assualt 2
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Ad Expiration:11/01/19