Steven Durdek

My name is Steven. The first thing you should know is that I'm innocent, and have no problem answering any questions about my situation. But I'm not on this site to complain about my life sentence, or convince anyone of my innocence. I'm just a nice guy looking for a penpal.

I love to read fantasy fiction and do number puzzles and music is basically my life. I listen to music all day, and enjoy any music that is lyrically riveting or capable of garnering emotions.

I am 27, and earned my GED with honors (which apparently, is a thing) when I was 18. I studied psychology and philosophy, but only briefly and not in any school. Although I should be starting some Yale courses this year.

I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters although 1 brother and sister are stepsiblings. Other than the 1 brother that's older than me. The rest of them are half siblings. I love them to death, and (theoretically) they can do no wrong in my eyes, LOL. The youngest is 18, and the oldest is 28, were all pretty close in age.

I'm about 5'10" and right now weigh about 220-225 lbs. I stopped working out last year due to a shoulder and ankle injury, and just recently started a light routine. When I'm in good shape I'm still around 220 lbs. It's just more muscle than fat. LOL.

Right now I'm just looking for a friend, if said friend turns out to be, cute, nice or intelligent (or any combination of the three), who am I to complain? If you've any questions, write me. And if you then decide not to continue correspondence, let me know and I'll respect your decision.
Steven Durdek # 363973 
1153 East Street South   
Suffield, CT 06080 USA
Women, Friends
Caucasian Hispanic Native American
Sex Assault 1 Burglary 1 Arson 1 Murder 1 Destruction of Evidence
Release Date
02/14/2129 Serving a Life Sentence
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Ad Expiration:09-17-21