Ronnie Peters
Ronnie Peters # 363963
901 Greenmount Avenue
Baltimore   MD   21202   USA
To:  Whom wants to bond, grow and build with each other.

My name is Ronnie Peters #363-963 Sid2266772. I am housed at 30420 Revells Neck Road  Westover, MD 21890. I’ve been locked up since 2009 for 1st degree assault.

About me I am 5’8”, light brown skin, hazel eyes, dreads and My body is tattooed up. My birthday is 10-22-83.  I am 38 years old and will be 39 in Oct.  Nobody don't believe me at all because they say I look young. But that's a good thing you get a young looking man with a grown man soul. I am very funny and always want to keep a smile on the other person's face. I am a good listener, have a lot of patience, loving, caring and people say my weakness is I always like to see other people happy before my happiness.

My nickname: “Day-Day” .

Since I've been locked up I got over 50 certificates doing programs I teach the youth plus got my GED further my education in college. I have a trade certified forklift driver and I work hospice with inmates that's dying. That is a big life experience for me. I never had nobody die on me that I came to grow with. I got two 1/2 years left on my bit. 2025 is my release date right now, but with good days it breaks down to 2024. I sign my prerelease papers on Dec. 7, 2022. So I will be going out the prison working seeing life.

When I come home I want to travel. I have not been nowhere and just enjoy life, work hard and have fun.

Thank you for listening, can't wait to meet somebody new.


Ad Start: 10-06-2022
Ad Expiration:  01-06-2024
Women, Men, Friends
African American
1st Degree Assault
Release Date