William Wilson
My name is Joe. A.k.a. Rooster. 

I was 20 when I committed my crime  & I am now 38, hazel eyes, red facial hair, shaved bald head, 5'6" tall, so let's start this circus with the showstopper. I am in prison because I raped a six-year-old little girl. I was supposed to protect her from the monsters: not becoming one. This is the point in which the 7 previous penpals quit writing. So I decided to start all future letters off with this, so as to stop wasting time. If you feel you cannot accept my past & actually get to know me, stop here.......

The thing about me to know and remember is that I am a complete open book. I used to hide my thoughts and feelings but after about 19 years in prison I've learned that bottling anything is harmful on the emotional state of mind. First thing & the hardest for most people to accept (but who cares). I gave my life to God, though the blood and sacrifice of my Lord Jesus in the county jail. Yes, completely due to my crime, though I feel that there is a difference between myself and most the other jokers that say the same. I am not hiding behind jailhouse religion and I am not a Bible thumping know it all. I gave my life up because the way I was living was not working. Satan did not have the way to have a good life; God's way is much harder but much more satisfying.

I like writing poetry, drawing, reading, and when we did have arts and crafts here, I found that I'm pretty talented with leather and painting. I use to make artistic leather belts, leather pictures, plus I was making handcarved wooden jewelry boxes.

When I get out I am working on my own property in McMinnville out in the country. I will have my own microfarm, don't really know how that's going to work out as to the fact that I've never truly worked on a farm. The thing is, after being around all these dudes for 25 years, I just want to kind the schedule myself, and I be around my friends, new and old. I'm a dog guy, I have cat allergies, love horses, want to try hunting for food.

William Wilson  # 361222 
Turney Center Main Compound 
1499 RW Moore Memorial Highway   
Only, TN 37140 USA
Rape of a Child
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-27-20
Ad Expiration:08-27-21