Patrick Dixon III
Hi, I'm looking to write a woman from the ages of  21-35. I am looking for someone who is energetic, spontaneous, and loves a good laugh. I enjoy artwork, music and sports. I love the outdoors and I am very active. I’m a very good artist on multiple types of media, though I prefer drawing in pencil and I'm an exceptional tattoo artist as well. I have been tattooing for 16 years and have two apprenticeships. I am also currently working towards publishing a book of tattoo designs. I would love to share my art with you.

In my spare time I try to educate myself. I'm currently working towards becoming a paralegal in addition to studying Real Estate Law and Business/ Corporate Law.

I love to read educational books of all kinds. I'm very financially motivated and educate myself in every manner possible to achieve a better life financially. Let me be clear, I do NOT want or need and will never ask you for a single dollar. I have more than enough money to put on the phone or buy stamps. In fact, I hope to better assist you with your financial struggles if need be.

I enjoy the outdoors. I'm a country boy who moved from the city. So I'm well-rounded I guess. I love dirt bikes and four wheelers and drive big trucks. I used to race four wheelers and cars on the weekends for fun and a little money on the side.

I know I've  made mistakes. I let loyalty to my friends get in the way of my own path and life goals. However, I believe in Love, Loyalty & Respect more than anything in life. If you don't possess those three things in life... then who are you?

After that, as a man I try to maintain discipline, Integrity, learning and leadership. In here, I've got to keep my head up and my boots strapped tight. After all... this is “Murderland.” It gets real from time to time.

However, I'm a very thoughtful and caring individual and would love to just hear about your day, as well as tell you about mine. Just share life, maybe even futures.

I apologize for not having more pictures posted. Due to Covid-19, the Maryland prison system has shut down all nonessential movement, job, etc.
Yet I hope to hear from you and potentially build a strong friendship or more.

If you care to write please send a photo of yourself. No polaroids, I won't receive them. Please do not put any stickers on the envelopes or in the mail other than the stamp on the outside of the envelope.

Thank you, hope you have a great day.
Write Soon!

Patrick Dixon III # 359949 / 2779170
Roxbury Correctional Institution
18701 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown   MD   21746   USA

Ad Start: 12-09-21
Ad Expiration: 12-09-22
Armed Robbery
Release Date