LaCoy Toms
LaCoy Toms # 358222/2015144   
Eastern Correctional Institution 
30420 Revells Neck Road   
Westover, MD 21890 USA
Hello, thank you for checking my profile out today.

My name is LaCoy Toms. I'm from Washington DC. I'm 37 years young, with black hair brown eyes. I'm 6'0" tall and weigh 190 pounds. I'm strong, easy-going, cheerful, generous, loyal, charismatic, and a laid-back kind of guy.

I like to read, write, work out, and watch TV on my spare time.

I am looking for someone close to the same features I can connect with. As you see I chose some bad friends that landed me here. I'm not a bad guy. I've been here since 2008. Prison taught me patients, humbleness, and to appreciate the things I don't have.

If you choose to be my friend, I'll be the best friend I can be. We all need a real friend to lean on sometimes. I also want you to know I don't discriminate, I'll accept you as my friend no matter the color of your skin, but the kindness of your heart.

Are you the good friend I'm looking for. Get your pen n pad, hang out to a good evening in your thoughts. Write me, I'll be sure to write you back.

You take care of yourself, bye.
African American
Distributon of Cocaine
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