John Benjamin
John Benjamin # 358167
Corrigan Correctional Center
986 Norwich-N London Tpke
Uncasville   CT   06382   USA
To officially introduce myself, my name is John.  I decided to sign-up for a pen pal in hopes to build an acquaintance that can progress into a companionship in time.  So, if you’re as optimistic as I am and not reluctant in finding out more about me, you may find me to be an adequate person of interest.  Now there’s not much I can do behind these walls, but a few things I can guarantee is my loyalty, respect and good conversation.

With that being said, I’m cut from a different type of cloth from a lot of dudes.  I’m not your average man.  I wouldn’t say I’m cocky or conceited, but I am well aware of my talents and what I can do and capable of.   I’m a certified chef apprentice and just enrolled in a college for Real Estate.  I write music, poetry and plays.  One of my plays received an honorable mention and is now in a book.  I’m witty, smart and a real down to earth person.  I like to make people laugh and learn about new things, because even though I’m very knowledgeable, I find myself intrigued learning something that may be out my comfort zone.  I enjoy working out, listening to music and writing. It’s hundreds of words that can describe me, but three words I would choose are charming, confident and ambitious.

I speak a very slim bit of Spanish and in the process of teaching myself more.  I have five sisters and two brothers.  I have no kids, but would want some in the future.  I love R & B music, but listen to all genres.  I do hope your curiosity takes over and with luck I’ll be talking to someone soon.

African American
Home Invasion, Robbery First
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-18-21
Ad Expiration:  02-18-23