Daniel Jordan

My name is Daniel, my friends call me Danny. I am 35 years old. In prison it is almost impossible to meet people, some think we are all animals in here and don't deserve to be loved and cared for. I'm posting this ad with the hope that someone will write me who is not judgmental and willing to let me show you I am the honest, caring and loving person you have waited your whole life to find.

I am an easy-going laid-back kind of guy, fun and very easy to talk to. I like to be helpful if I can help someone I will go out of my way to help. I like to listen and will always answer every question every letter you send it me.

I have this saying that goes "It's hard to wait for something you know may never happen, but it's harder to give up when it's everything you ever wanted." While I may never find true love, I will never give up looking for it because it's all I've ever wanted.

So if you are interested in getting to know me better please write. I'll be waiting for you  :)
Daniel Jordan  # 3507491
Mount Olive correctional complex
One Mountainside Way 
Mt Olive, WV 25185  USA
Women, Men, Friends
Celtic Paganism
Sexual Abuse
Release Date
05/2025 (Parole)
Ad Start: 05-24-18
Ad Expiration:05-24-19