Datrion Newton
To the woman I long for! 

Without offering you, my love, I know that you may have developed a wall around your heart due to all of the deep wounds of hurt that you may have been inflicted with by some of the previous little boys who you let come into your life. So, with that being said,  & fully understood on all levels, I would like to assure you  & let you know that I am not here to take advantage of your heart or waste your precious time. I am strictly here because I want to take your mind to a different location, & express your heart to something new & beautiful, beyond the pain that it has already become accustomed to.

So please follow my lead, because my motive is to show you that I am not looking for any handouts from you: just your hand & only your hand. I don't want anything given to me from you but a fair opportunity to be proven different from what you have already become immune to. Unlike many other men, I am not on here to play the field, I get no satisfaction off that. I am on here because I want to truly capture your heart & vision, and assume all of your burdens while never becoming one. I am on here to modify your energy and every best way possible, with no games included.

So, please take my hand & join me on a journey of satisfaction & interpretation. Let nature be our guide, and time our ally, as we'll dwell in the depths of one another's character.

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Datrion Isreal Newton
DOC 350307

To the woman I long for. I am here waiting for you!
Datrion Newton # 350307
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Aberdeen, WA 98520  USA
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Accidental Murder
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