Eric Martin
Eric Martin # 346565
Raymond Laborde Correctional Center
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport   LA   71327   USA
Hello, I’m Eric Martin. I’m writing in hope to finding a friend and maybe more. First let me tell you a bit about me. See, I’m a simple man with simple values, respect, love, loyal, honest, trust. See I like to get to know the person, their likes, dislikes, what hobbies they like to enjoy, such as reading, long walks, cooking, sports or fishing or just staying at home looking at a good movie and cuddle up. See I like long conversation, long walks, exercising, gardening. I’m just a county boy but most of all I’m a mature man that’s seeking a mature country woman who have plans for the future. I know when you find that special person you don’t want to (scle) up. See sometimes it just takes hard work and good understanding and a lot of comparison, and that’s what I’m looking for I don’t need my family telling me anything about the person I talk to and I feel that person is supposed to feel the same way. I think anything that goes on between a man and woman, they are supposed to work it out between themselves, not any outsiders. Now I need you to know that I speak freely from my heart and truly don’t want you to think this is a game.  I need you to tell me how you want this conversation and situation to play out, because I’m not into games, and I’m not going to play with your heart or feeling in any way - form or fashion, okay.  So, if you want to have a friendship with me and build on that please feel free to respond back.

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Hope to hear from you soon.
Eric Martin

Until then, have a blessed day. JPay Doc #346565 Eric Martin

African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-08-21
Ad Expiration:  07-08-22