Simmeon Anderson
Simmeon Anderson  # 344051/1565827  
18701 Roxbury Road    
Hagerstown, MD 21746 USA

I hope all is well with you, and you're being very safe as were going through this pandemic? As for me I'm doing fine despite being in prison  with all of this Covid 19 and being locked down more than usual. In prison you either adapt or cry, I'll adapt.

My name is Simmeon Anderson. I'm from Brooklyn, NY, but currently I reside at RCI in Hagerstown, MD. I'm 5'11" in height, 225 pounds of muscular, dark brown eyes, mouth full of teeth, and a lot of tattoos.

Some of the things that I do to pass time is work out, write, read, or talk on the phone. When I was home I would love to ride motorcycle, dirt bikes, four Wheelers, and jet skis. I love to travel especially to the West Indies. I'm a Jamaican and Italian descent 46 years young. I like to surprise my woman sometimes by taking her out, and making sure she had a good time.

I'm looking for a real friend someone that can count on me, and I could count on her. I would always listen to you, answer your letters, and if we get to where I'm calling you it won't be collect. I would love to get to know you and make you laugh after you had a hard day at work. You could read my letter, or answer the phone and let my words comfort you.

I like to listen to reggae, rap, R&B, and pop music. I'm a dog lover. I love nice long walks holding hands, hugging, and light kisses as we're walking, and believe it or not I like to be goofy just to make you smile, but I'm very serious when needed to be. I love kids, and I work hard at what ever I want.

Nevertheless, I'm just looking for a real friend and hopefully we can grow into something else. I'm locked up for attempted murder, I have been down since 2003. I go up for parole in 2028. The worst that could happen out of this is that we become friends.
African American
1st° Assault
Release Date
06/20/39 As of Now
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