Simmeon Anderson


First and foremost my name is Simmeon Anderson, but everybody calls me Fence AKA the Pen. I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY, the Crown Highs area.

Please allow me to tell you a little bit about your boy. I moved to Baltimore in the early 90s. I'm 43, I love to work out daily. It helps the daily stress that one has to deal with in prison. I also work on my mind, body, and soul.

Your boy does a lot of writing and loves to reach out to people and make new friends. I also escape a lot by writing novels. I do a lot of working on one self, making a better stronger individual. My faith is strong with God. Since I've been incarcerated I've had some very good accomplishments. I published two books "CARTEL KINGS and GANSTER CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG!!" Was the first and I will not lie it was badly edited, but it did not take away from the story. My second book (QUEEN CARTEL GANGSTER BLOODED) came out great. It was like night and day. My second book is on i Universe and I received very good book reviews on it. One from Pacific book review. I'm very proud of myself because I took a bad situation and made the best out of.

Nevertheless, I'm looking for that one in only special friend, that I could make laugh, smile, feel good inside, but never make her cry. If you're willing to be my friend don't hesitate get out your boy.


I remember as a kid when I was shocked, foolish, courageous, slightly dumb, but my brain was like a sponge, my mom used to take me to the zoo, and who the hell doesn't remember making fun of the animals in the cage full of rage, but now when I get out, I won't make faces and laugh. I will emphasize, sympathize, and definitely can identify with the animals in the cage. I've been put away for something they say I allegedly done, but what did the animals do to get put in a cage? Oh just to be our amusement to look, I remember the time in city jail locked behind bars, in a cell that seemed ten by six, at night I would hear metal sharp on the floor, so I would grab my steel and sharpen it some more, getting ready for war, it's not about being tough, it's about who's going to survive, I rather be judged by twelve than carried by six, so I make sure my knife has a double edge point, and I would wrap it around my hand tight, and shadow box with my shadow night, this was at the beginning of my bid, when I was young minded still acting like a kid, but now I find reason to want to live, and let live, have I gotten soft LOL!! Hell f*c*ing no, I just learn to grow.
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Cartel King and Gangser This is where I started
A bad situation turning good
Look who back and stronger
My synopsis is liquid smack
Very good read, must read
Pacific Book Review Killed it
Hard work makes dreams work
The US review of books
My book review smoking guns!
Catel King and gangster this is where I started
I write what I want
Who shot yeh watch out
I'm looking for that lady
Eyes of a Loving man
Still have game for love
Let me think about it
Firm on my feet XOXO
I'm here for you boo
Long time friend nothing less
Simmeon Anderson aka The Pen
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