Matthew Holt
I aspire to have my name written in the stars. 

I've lost my closest friends and tapped into my last resorts to create this ad. In high hopes of finding new ones. Someone to laugh, smile, cry. I'm looking for a friend, but if I find love, well we all know love works in mysterious ways. The heart wants what it wants. No pressure, no expectations.

I'm single, lonely and just want to find somebody that will care. Look past my circumstances see the humane and heart inside me.

My outlook on life is to look at the glass half full. Find the silver lining in even the worst situation. I'm an artist, student, author. I love to dance, exercise, sing.

I'm currently fighting for justice to be restored through courts. I will be freed.

Happiness is contagious so I love to make people happy so I can ride the vibe. Past inner circle has been of the more volumptious, curvaceous individuals. But, love, personality, inner beauty outshines all looks, shapes, disabilities and circumstances. I'm really big on longevity.

2 things I want 1, a chance all I need is 1 2 follow through. My life needs no more let downs. Religion, I've never converted, I've never had anyone who loves a higher power in my life. I'm open to learn.

Let's take a journey through each other's mind exploring memories, passion, lust seeking the greatest pleasure, to be loved.

If written I'll write back same day when ever you're comfortable all call no pressure.

Matthew Holt # 341901
Monroe Correctional Complex-TRU
P O Box 888
Monroe   WA   98272   USA
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-30-2022
Ad Expiration: 06-30-2023