..Will you marry me? That’s what I would ask the woman who’s sincere intentions and genuine nature allows her to see through these prison walls into the heart of a man searching for true friendship. The woman whose loyalty matches mine and whose actions are filled with love.The woman who rides with me through its minor setback, and will rock with me for our major comeback.

I thank God everyday for giving me a second chance at life outside these gates and I'm determined to be successful. I see myself doing social work with at risk youth, gang intervention and fighting to reform unjust legislation. I also plan to secure my commercial drivers license (CDL) immediately upon release to provide income to support myself and my family. I grew up in the streets, so I’m passionate about giving back to my community. Aside from that, I want to travel, enjoy life with a smile on my face and have fun.

At the moment, I would love to start a friendship with someone new. I have a lot of love to give and despite my age, I’ve always been drawn  to the authenticity only an older woman can give. I love their maturity, their intelligence and their ability to understand and articulate what they want and need. So I would love for God to bless me with a woman more seasoned than myself. 200 words isn't enough space for me to dig that deep into who I am, but to scratch the surface: I’m a down to earth man who loves to be loved.

I look at this prison sentence as a blessing in disguise. Just a few years to refind my mind, body and soul. I’m optimistic by nature, so my vision for the future is filled with nothing but prosperity and blessings coming my way. And the first blessing might be you. So if you want to get to know me, I’m only an email away. (You can email me at : www.jpay.com DOC # 340373)


Byron Hebert # 340373
Cedar Creek Correctional Center
P O Box 37
Little Rock   WA   98556   USA
Byron Hebert
African American
Drive By, Robbery, Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start:  02-24-22
Ad Expiration:  02-24-23
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