Byron Hebert

Don't pass me by without giving me an opportunity to extend my hand. I want to meet new people in new places, so I'm doing something I've never done before. We never know when, or how we will meet our most genuine friends and sometimes we're so intent on finding that special someone we overlook the people who would blend so well with our happiness. With that in mind I'm not searching for anyone in particular. Just a genuine friend who will brighten up my days and allow me to brighten hers in return.
A woman I can correspond with on what ever level. We can write letters, talk on the phone, visit… Whatever's koo with you is koo with me. So if you're searching for someone to make you smile, I would love to be the one to make you laugh.
If you need someone to share your thoughts with, I'm here to listen. And if you're searching for something else, write me and tell me about it. If you read this deep into my words, I would love the chance to read some of yours.
Feel free to write about whatever's on your mind. 300 words wasn't nearly enough space for me to tell you about my past, let you in on my present, or lay out my future. So I didn't try, but no question is off limits. So like I said before, feel free to ask whatever's on your mind…
Byron Hebert # 340373
Washington State Penintentiary
1313 N 13th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA
African American
Robbery Drive By (x2) Firearm
Ad Start: 06-08-16
Ad Expiration:06-08-19