Toby Payne # 339053
River Bend Detention Center G Dorm Ph 3
9450 Highway 65 South
Lake Providence   LA   71254   USA
Toby Payne
If your looking for a genuine friendship and/or if you're looking for a love that's not artificial; I don’t think you have to look no further!

I’m a compassionate, attentive, God-fearing man. That's in search for the other half of my soul.  Whether if it’s a best friend and/or a better half. I’ve never had either. Just a bunch of friendships with ulterior motives or relationships so cluttered with sexually-based motives and need for validation, that I mistook it for love. In a lot of ways, led me to where I am now.  Because of my honor, loyalty and love for people that barely care about themselves. SMH! And now, have turned their backs on me LOL! Got to laugh, to stop from crying sometimes.

I’m an educated man: Graduated High School, Cass job corp and 3 different Jr. Colleges. With a mix of street knowledge and status. I love a lot of different types of literature and a wide genre of music.  My likes and loves range from being athletic to being a couch potato. From writing to playing D&D.

Open minded, good conversationalist, even better listener. And I understand that a person's flaws, faults and imperfections are the things that make them perfect.  Now, I’m reaching out, hoping I can find someone genuine, someone real, maybe true commitment, or just a friend.

Well until then, Sincerely, I patiently wait. With a hope for new beginnings, new friendships and/or true love.

African American, Native American, Island
Armed Robbery
Ad Start: 06-09-2022
Ad Expiration: 06-09-2023