Matthew Scalzi
Matthew Scalzi # 337321
Red Rock
1752 E Arica Road
Eloy   AZ   85131   USA
Hello there!  I hope anyone reading this is doing well during these tough times.  In an odd way my incarceration has been a blessing.  Not only have I been largely untouched by the pandemic, but through a program offered here recently I have been given an amazing opportunity for success upon my release.  I’m in an intensive one year course learning computer programming.  It’s incredibly challenging, but equally rewarding, growing and working towards the goal of attaining the knowledge necessary to secure a career in an ever expanding field.  So, while I’m excited about my future, in the present I find myself hungry for connections and conversation outside of this standard prison negativity I’m surrounded by.  So, I would really enjoy finding someone to fill that void.  I love comedies and laughter, music, and spend a lot of time drawing or reading.

We were recently issued tablets and that gives us access to E-mail through   It would be great to hear about your interests and anything you want to talk about.  I don’t mind answering any questions you might have, and promise not to waste your time portraying myself as someone I’m really not.

A few things that interest me are:  Authors; Ken Follet, James Michner, George RR Martin, Wilber Smith and many others.  Musically I’m into mostly local rap from the area I’m from Northern CA.  But 90’s rock like Sublime and the Chili Peppers are favorites.  I pretty much enjoy anything with meaningful lyrics I can relate to.  Comedy movies, horror movies, kids movies.  Bob Zombies Devils Rejects is prob my favorite.  TV I like such a wide range of things it would take more words than I have left.  But that’s a little bit about me.  Please tell me about you and hopefully we can talk soon and be to know each other!

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Ad Start: 05-27-21
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