Billy Smith

My name is Billy Smith, but I go by Wayne-O. I am 35 years old and am originally from Orlando, Florida. But I moved to Hagerstown, MD at an early age.

I'm writing this ad in hopes of gaining honest and sincere friends. A little about myself: I earned my GED, basic certification in HVAC, AVP (alternative to violence program) and numerous self-help groups. I currently work in the metal shop at the prison called MCI (Maryland correctional Enterprises) as a clerk. I've been at this job since April 2015. I went to court on April 2nd 2019. And I am currently waiting on my court decision that would possibly send me straight home to be with my family and be productive.

As for some of my likes, I like playing basketball and honestly any sports. I am a huge fan of all music. And I write poems, well not as much as I did. I enjoy talking to my family on the phone, and building with them like I should have been when I was home. When I'm home I like the outdoors and going to new places, which I didn't really have a chance to do, so one of my goals when I get home is to go to more amusement parks, state parks, aquariums, etc.

As for what I'm looking for in a friend, is sincerely!!! Honesty is a major thing with me. I may not like your opinions or what you say, but will respect your truthfulness. I am a good listener and have a heart of gold, and just want to have some good friends to help me along my path and hopefully I can offer an ear and help brighten their day.

So please take the time to get to know me and you will see I am not like most that you've met and I have unique views and humor. I will respond with honesty inevery letter. And hopefully I get to meet some good friends.

Billy Smith

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