Richard Moore
Richard Moore # 334644
North Branch Correctional Institution
14100 McMullen Highway SW
Cumberland   MD   21502   USA
In need of friends. In 2005, I was convicted for the murder of my friend. This was the crime and trial of the decade in Southern Maryland. I was beaten and tortured into giving a confession. The only evidence the prosecutor had against me. All other forensic and circumstantial evidence pointed to the co-defendant, contradicting my so-called confession. On video, the detective read me the Miranda Rights, then asked me if I understood? I replied “They really don’t make sense” The interrogation proceeded. Prior to trial, a suppression hearing took place, my public defender was a no-show, a different P.D. who was not my attorney masqueraded as my public defender… an imposter! He laid down for the prosecutor. The court played the video, I clearly stated. “They really don’t make sense”, after being read the Miranda. All legal minds will conclude through Independent Constitutional Appraisal that my statement should never been admitted. The imposter put up zero fight… uh, how about asking the detective what he thought about my answer to his Miranda? After my trial, the imposter Attorney received a job from the same prosecutor. For 8 plus years, the office of Pub Defender Pretended to work on my Post Conviction Appeal, they tried to give this case away to 10 plus attorneys, who all rejected it. I’m a Political Prisoner, I’m innocent and the evidence shows it. The OPD for Md. got their fox in the states’ henhouse. This is fully documented corruption. The innocent project concurs, but won’t represent me! I’m a white, straight male, Christian, not the flavor of the month. Former Seafarer. U.S. Merchant Marine. I’m sociable, nice and INNOCENT. I have no pic, but check I was a class 628. Please write your address on the letter, this facility removes it from the envelope. God Bless you for reading this, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you. Case No. 18_-K-05-000258 St. Marys Co. Maryland

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