Benjamin Clark
Benjamin Clark # 32915-045
USP Florence
P O Box 7000
Florence   CO   81226    USA
I hope you enjoy reading my post and I would like to meet you!  I am truly a good person who has made some bad choices in life but I look forward to becoming a productive member of society.

I'm looking to find new people to surround myself with that can help me by being a positive source of friendship so I have the support to start in the right direction upon my release and to finish my sentence in a better mind frame knowing I have people there for me that care.

I'm a nice, caring and compassionate person that is very loyal & trustworthy to those I care about and am even generous to others in need when I'm capable of lending a hand.

I've always resorted to selling drugs as a means of making my living because my family wasn't capable of giving assistance with clothes & transportation for a proper job. I know that's not an excuse. It's just that’s what I was raised around and found an easy way to get nice things.

I'm currently enrolled in programs to help better myself & that will help take time off my sentence. I still have some years to go and know that I need all the help I can get to prevent relapse and from making bad decisions.

I'm a good person looking for a second chance at life and for someone to share that life with.

Thank you for your time!

Women, Friends
Drug Distribution
Release Date
Ad Start:   02-16-2023
Ad Expiration:  02-16-2024