Sierra Cannon
Sierra Cannon # 3289   
Wyoming Women's Center
P O Box 300    
Lusk, WY 82225 USA
My name is Sierra Cannon.

I am a 27-year-old female currently serving a 3-5 year sentence at the Wyoming women's Center for two counts of felony possession. I was convicted in Sheridan, Wyoming on September 26th 2019 and arrived in Lusk November 4th 2019.

There are plenty of programs and work to keep busy, but I am interested in meeting new people and gaining friendships outside of these walls.

I am an open book, I will be honest and tell you anything you may be interested in discovering about me. All you have to do is ask.

I have more photos available upon request as well and as my sentence isn't a particularly long one, my hopes are that we can create a bond to continue beyond my release.

Please address all mail to address provided.

Men, Donations
Caucasian Hispanic
Possession with Intent X 2
Release Date
To Be Determined
Ad Start: 12-26-19
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