Ericky Bogues
I hope my ad attracts a very good friend and person and someone that's willing to take the chance or time out just to correspond with me.

I understand a lot of people don't have the desire to waste time on an inmate that's locked away but at the same time maybe you could sacrifice and take a chance with me. I don't seek to waste your time at all. If you like to have good conversations about the world, politics, music, fashion, me too. I would love to meet a female friend that has an open mind someone that also has ideas and still dreams to reach. I would like to hear your life story like some fun times you had with your family or friends.

I value good friends like family because they are hard to find and I appreciate a good woman and recognize your worth besides that I work to better myself and plot on my future once I'm released from confinement.

I now understand that freedom is something that we all should exploit its benefits and love every minute of it because God is good and his blessing are known and out of this world so if you would like to build a friendship and no more about me as a person just right and I will answer back

Take care and I wish you the best in life with much love and respect for your dreams and future


Ericky Bogues # 327505
14100 McMullen Highway SW  
Cumberland, MD 21502 USA
Women,Legal Help
African American Hispanic
Release Date
2029 Was Now Extra 6 1/2 Years Working to Give Extra Time Back
Ad Start: 09-26-19
Ad Expiration:09-26-20