Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams  # 326148    
Allen Correctional Center 
3751 Lauderdale Woodyard Road  
Kinder, LA 70648 USA
My name is Jamie Williams.

I'm 46 years old. Born December 2 1971, so that makes me a Sagittarius. I'm an easy-going person with an open mind. I've lived in Atlanta, Georgia, Tempe, Arizona,Valelo, California, Rawlins, Wyoming, and Billings, Montana. So I guess you can say that I like to travel. I use to work in power plants and chemical plants around the states. If the place was nice, I stayed.

I really like the outdoor mountain scenery, waterfalls, and lakes. My main hobbies are fishing, I'm a huge sports fan, and cooking. I can cook just about any soul food dish, and I know how to cook a few special dishes for special occasions. You never know, so I like to be prepared for whatever the moment is. I would love to cook for you someday.

I'm looking for someone who is open-minded like me, who likes to talk, and someone I can talk to about anything and not feel embarrassed, if you know what I mean . Someone who understands that life is too short to be alone, and is looking for a companion like me. If you feel the same way, I can't wait to hear from you.

Yours truly,
African American
Armed Robbery
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