Ismael Mendez
Ismael Mendez # 324411
Eyman South Unit
P O Box 8400
Florence   AZ   85132    USA
Hi, my name is Ismael, I'm 36 yrs. old and single. I have two kids, a son that's 13 yrs. old and a daughter that is 6 yrs.

Ever since I got arrested I have been making the necessary steps to make the changes to be successful when I get out. I try to keep my mind occupied on positive things and learning as much as possible. I already have two college courses; one in Construction Technology and one in HVACR for Air Conditioning. I am now enrolled in Ashland University for my associates in Business Administration. My long-term goal is to own my own business/es,  leave a legacy for my kids and do something positive for the community, like starting some type of nonprofit organization.

In my spare time I workout, read books and the Bible, play the drums and bass guitar in our music class, I also like to play sports and video games.

What I would like to find out from this experience is a relationship with someone who is like-minded and possibly with the same goals and interest and hopefully someone who would also like to do better in life.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Aggravated Assault w/Deadly Weapon
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Ad Start:   05-18-2023
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