Roger Long # 318969
Eggers Unit 1B-31
P O Box 3867
Douglas   AZ   85608   USA
Roger Long
My name is Roger Long. I'm 40 years old and caucasian. I'm 5’ 8” and weigh 218 lbs.  I've served 7 years on an 8-year sentence and thought I'd see if I could get to know someone prior to my release.

A little bit about what I've done in the last 7 years. So I've spent 2 years on the structure fire fighting crew and the last 3 years on the Douglas Wildland firefighting crew. I've also been able to receive and study the last year for the EMT exam upon release as well as enrolled in community college to get my small business management certificate.

I've made the attempt to make the best with my time and truly learn from this experience.

I'd love to find a woman who would like to get to know me and who is willing to take the time to share some of their personal experiences with me and get to know each other.

I'm currently in Arizona but I'm from Dallas, Texas. I plan on staying here upon my release and continuing to be a wildland firefighter.

I love camping, working on classic cars, tattooing and fishing. I'm into all types of music. I do have more pictures to share if you show interest. I'm an open book and feel free to ask anything and I'll let ya know.

I'd like a woman who knows who she is and what she wants and is willing to put in the time and effort into this process. I look forward to hearing from you and yes I'm single!

I do have a daughter and 2 sons. My daughter’s 8 yrs old and my oldest son is 22 yrs old. My second oldest is19. I love kids and being able to be a part of their lives. I also love being a firefighter and being able to protect the community. Our current fire season is about 7 months a year. For the rest of it, I spend time with forestry fuel management and helping property owners firewise their homes.

I love pictures and traveling. Some of the places I've been, as far as states and countries: New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Vermont and California. I've also traveled to Cancun, Mexico and Belize. I love adventures and seeing new places. I hope this gives you a better understanding of myself.

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you'd like to reach me quicker, you can go on the Securus web site and set up an account and profile to be able to send me emails, videos and pictures directly to my tablet.  It's a little cheaper then a stamp for each email.

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