Hector Santiago Jr

Thank you for reading my ad. My name is Hector. I'm 38 years old, born in New Haven, CT. I'm interested in obtaining new friendships. I'm also looking for a relationship if one blossoms.

I'm here because I dropped off a couple of relatives who were drunk, after threats have been made by them prior. I knew on some level they intended to rob and possibly hurt someone. I wasn't sure what to do. I was 18 at the time, I was afraid and confused to what was happening. All I could think was that I wanted to go home. I did go home before anything ever happen, but I failed to report them to authorities. I never went back, nor did I have any involvement in their crime. I made a terrible mistake by not reporting them. I've been remorseful and regretful since, wishing I've done things different.

Laws are changing for juvenile  lifers They're working to raise the age to 18 on the juvenile lifer law! Since I was 18 at the time I fall under the changing law. There is good hope at being resentenced and given a second chance. I can explain more

Little more about me. I've never been married. I don't have children. I'm understanding, good listener, honest, loyal, caring, romantic, outgoing. Love beaches, outdoors, animals movies, video games, sports, music. There is plenty if your interested.

Please write address on letter. Only paper pictures, no glitter or stickers. Write in pen (blue or black). Sorry they got rules here..
You can set up an account, if you like to, and also wirte me through www.jpay.com

Feel free to ask questions.

Truly yours,
Hector Santiago Jr # 318053
Kinross Correctional Facility
4533 W Industrial Park Drive 
Kincheloe, MI 49788 USA
Hispanic American
Christian Non Denominational
Felony Murder
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 02-21-19
Ad Expiration:02-21-20