Tony Barrett
Hey Ya’ll, I know I’m in here for something horrible. If you can see past the ugliness of it and not be to judgmental, you might just find something beautiful. What I did was way out of character and doesn’t define who I am as a person. I slipped, and I fell hard. But with God’s help, I’m picking myself back up. Over the year’s, I’ve grown and learned a lot about myself like what led me to be in here and why, as I never, ever want to repeat the actions and mistakes that got me here. Also, I’m very hopeful and optimistic that I will be going home a lot sooner than my release date.

My passions in life: Music (I play guitar for our worship team) dancing, singing cooking, traveling and the beach. So if you’re looking for something genuine, special and profound like me, and you like what you see and read, then don’t be shy. Write me, and let’s get to know one another. Any and all are welcome to write.

*Please , handwritten letter’s must be a first, unless you can find me on Jpay yourself (My Jpay invites always seem to go to a filter, never to be seen)

Well I reckon that’s about all for now. Look forward to meeting you

Tony Barrett # 315732
M C C - WSRU Cell A124
P O Box 777
Monroe   MA   98272   USA

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