William Farris
Hello out there!

I was just sitting here letting my mind escape my current environment. This place is full of negativity and I don't have much in common with people here. I'm a social butterfly at times and would like to have positive conversation and meet good people.

This is not "old town Scottsdale", or "Mill Ave in Tempe". We cannot meet people unless we put some effort in. So here I am.

So hello ladies, nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I figure if you're reading this far, there's more to you and you have depth as a person. That means something to me.

Life is about smiles. We need to find more things to smile about each day. Let's fix that will together

I love honesty and realness. I like to be myself, fun, loving and caring and straightforward. I love poetry and believe we need to bring back the old fashion romance. I'm very ambitious, goal oriented and I love to accomplish what I put my mind to. I'm not perfect jeez, sometimes I'm so stubborn. I have to learn the hard way.(Why I'm here ). LOL

I'm a work in progress. I'm a free soul who loves the EDM music movement. My sense of humor is one of a kind. Please enjoy it. I'm an open book, just don't judge it by it's cover, you might miss a good story.

Ask me anything. I just want to meet someone with a sense of humor who is honest and caring. Let's build a friendship and create some smiles.

Take a chance and I hope to hear from you.
William Farris # 315537 
Red Rock GB54
1750 Arica Road   
Eloy, AZ 85131 USA
ID Theft
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