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To my new beautiful queen, we haven’t met yet, but I’ll tell you what will happen when we do. I’m going to treat you like you’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life. Because you just might be. I’ll make you laugh, be there for you when you cry, and always be supportive. I’ll draw for you, sing to you over the phone (no matter how embarrassing) and you will always get the best of me. I’m going to enjoy your company. Support and get to know you. We'll become great friends. We’ll have fun and I’ll always do my best to make sure that writing to me was the best decision you ever made.

“Real Love” Sweetheart, your anatomy is exquisite” And like the spirit of cupid, I’m here to pay a visit. Beautiful thoughts pierce my mind and my heart At that moment I come completely apart! But only for a second and then joy overtakes.

It’s a beautiful feeling with no brakes! From head to toe, you’re more than sweet” you’re a woman, and you come complete! Everything you do I truly like” you keep my mind soaring like a kite! Our Love is real, our love is something you can feel: for you sweetie I’ll even lay down and die for you. And real love is the reason why loading you is like the universe without stars or being incarcerated forever behind bars, Yeah! Real love is you baby! 

This is how I truly feel about my Queen.
Hugs & kisses to my beautiful Queen.


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